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Kiss Me Goodnight - Decaf Espresso (Whole Bean 340g)

Product Description

Sometimes you just need a moment of calm. A cup of KISS ME GOODNIGHT is perfect for those moments when you’re winding down or when you and caffeine just need some space. We use the Swiss Water® Process to ensure superior flavour retention. This exceptional decaf blend fully satisfies your craving for coffee with a delicious kiss of flavour, minus the stimulation. 

Don’t settle for anything less than a deliciously flavourful decaf. Move on and divorce yourself from your less inspiring coffee. You deserve better!

Origin: South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia

Flavour Notes: Vanilla, Dried Fruit, Cocoa Finish

This blend was thoughtfully constructed to be flavourful yet calming. Your pallet will be fooled into thinking you’re drinking a regular cup of coffee without the hit of caffeine. 

Our coffees restore your faith in just how rewarding your relationship with coffee can be… Experiencing one of our coffees for the first time should have the excitement of a first date, your senses enlivened and that connection growing. And when you commit to drinking our coffees, you’re never settling. 

*This is a Whole Bean coffee and is not pre-ground


Jar not included