Why Should I Let Freshly Roasted Coffee Mellow for 3 Days or So?

Why Should I Let Freshly Roasted Coffee Mellow for 3 Days or So?

The Importance of Allowing Freshly Roasted Coffee to Mellow

When you have freshly roasted coffee beans in your possession, the temptation to brew a cup immediately can be strong. However, taking the time to allow the coffee to mellow for at least 3 days has significant benefits for the flavour and overall coffee experience. Here's why:

1. Degassing Process

After the roasting process, coffee beans release carbon dioxide gas. Allowing the coffee to mellow for a few days helps in the degassing process. When brewed too soon, the excess carbon dioxide can negatively impact the extraction process, resulting in a bitter taste.

2. Flavour Development

During the mellowing period, the flavours of the coffee have time to develop and reach their full potential. This resting period allows the volatile compounds in the coffee to stabilize, leading to a smoother and more balanced flavour profile.

3. Improved Aroma

Freshly roasted coffee tends to have a more intense and sometimes overpowering aroma. Allowing the coffee to mellow helps in mellowing out the aroma, making it more pleasant and enjoyable when brewed.

4. Enhanced Brewing

When you brew coffee that has mellowed for a few days, you are likely to get a more consistent and predictable result. The coffee grounds will have settled, leading to a more even extraction and a better-tasting cup of coffee.


While the anticipation of brewing freshly roasted coffee immediately can be exciting, exercising patience and allowing the coffee to mellow for at least 3 days can significantly enhance your coffee drinking experience. The degassing process, flavour development, improved aroma, and enhanced brewing are all reasons why this waiting period is well worth it.

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