About Us


We are Rick & Paula Pedersen, a married couple living in the South-West area of British Columbia, Canada.

Paula and I are devoted coffee drinkers! We figured since we love coffee, why not make our own small batch roasted coffees that feature the flavours we love!  Also, we wanted to bring the fun energy that Craft Breweries have with their beers and the sense of community they bring.  The coffee industry has been flat for too long and we felt it is time someone brought about an energetic shift, so we took the initiative!  That is why you will find fun word play with our brand and the products we create.  "Grounds For Divorce" is more than what you may initially think we are referencing.  It is about "divorcing" yourself from anything that you feel is uninspiring, unfulfilling, unrewarding of your time, efforts and money!  As we say, "You Deserve Better!".

We thank you for visiting our store, and hope you find something you like because we have put our hearts into this project for all you coffee drinkers out there! Please, tell your friends and family about us, we really appreciate your support!

Rick & Paula Pedersen