Who Are We?

We are Rick & Paula Pedersen, a married couple living in the South-West area of British Columbia, Canada.

We started our 'Grounds For Divorce Coffee Reviews' video series on our YouTube channel (click here: Grounds For Divorce Coffee channel) during the quarantine and lockdown time of COVID - 19. We started it out of necessity of bringing fresh content to our followers.

Like you all, we were stuck in our home, unable to go out and do any activities due to 'Social/Physical Distancing' requirements. To a 'YouTuber' and Owners of a social media website, that was a really difficult situation to be confronted with, as we were so accustomed to going out and filming on locations.

Suddenly, that was gone.

We had to pivot and come up with content that would be easily filmed, and something that we did not have to venture out specifically for. My wife and I both thought... "Coffee Reviews!"

Paula and I are devoted coffee drinkers, and love our lattes! So, why not let our followers know about some tasty coffees, and also have some tongue-in-cheek levity about a married couple being with each other 24/7 for months, without any sort of break! We think we did remarkably well, and you can see in our video segments, the fun banter we have with each other that keeps things 'interesting'! LOL.

We then thought, since we are telling you about the coffees we have tried, why not make our own small batch roasted coffees that feature the flavours we love and remove the ones we don't!

We thank you for visiting our store, and hope you find something you like because we have put our hearts into this project for all you coffee drinkers out there! Please, tell your friends and family about us, we really appreciate your support!

Rick & Paula Pedersen

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