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4 Pack Ground Coffee Sampler Set (4 x 70g)

4 Pack Ground Coffee Sampler Set (4 x 70g)

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Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to try out 4 of our current coffees (Kiss Me Good Morning Breakfast Blend, Irreconcilable Differences Light/Dark Blend, Kiss Me Good Night Decaf Espresso, Kiss Me Good Bye Espresso) without the need to buy the full size bags!  Each bag contains 70g of ground coffee, done to a medium grind setting.  These are also a fantastic gift idea for that coffee lover in your life - even if it is for yourself!

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Return Policy:
If there is a defect in our product and Customer returns the product to us, we will provide a free exchange of a replacement for the defective product. Customer needs to return the product to us for inspection before an exchange can be done.

Care Instructions

At the time of packaging our 340g & 70g bags of coffee, we flush them with Food Grade Nitrogen to remove Oxygen & help prolong shelf life.

Once the bag has been opened, we recommend consuming the product within 10 days for optimal flavour freshness. Our bags have a zip lock feature, as well as a 1-way valve on the back to allow the coffee to off-gas CO2. To help prolong freshness, seal the zip lock fully, then squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag. This will slow the coffee oxidizing, becoming stale & reducing optimal flavour.

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Wake up to deliciousness!

Our Kiss Me Good Morning Breakfast Blend goes perfectly with a buttery croissant!

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